Sunday, November 28, 2010

Children`s Books Wanted in Nepal

Have books cluttering up your apartment? Donate them!

Donate them to a worth cause! A library in Nepal!

You can send the books to the following address:
Ashish Chandra Shrestha
Post box no: 20306

Thank you for your concern.

Ashish Prakash Community Library

Darth Maul Lego

Darth Maul Lego – A Cult Favorite Brick amongst Star Wars Fans

It is difficult to find a person who has not heard of either Lego bricks or Darth Maul, a notorious villain in the classic Star Wars which has acquired cult status. Hence, it is not surprising that the two have been combined and that the Darth Maul brick is a highly popular and sought after brick.

This Lego of the evil villain of Star Wars, offers kids the opportunity to take on the dark force and destroy it by helping out the good guys using their imagination and creativity. The Darth Maul lego brick was first released in 1999. In the short time of more than a decade, the maul-lego has acquired the status of a rare brick. Read More

Thursday, November 25, 2010


How can I improve my English? Part 1:英会話の学習方法について

by Kevin Burns

Most websites about Lego are in English. So, how can you improve your English?

英会話の学習方法について by Kevin Burns, owner of Kevin`s 英会話スクール日本に居ながらにして英語が話せるようになるのはなかなか難しいことです。だけど、できないというわけではありません。英語を習うに当っては「ローマは一日にしてならず」という諺があてはまるのを忘れないでください。 Kevin & Friends 英語が流暢に話せるようになるには時間がかかります。英会話を習うのはちょうどクラシックピアノを習うようなもので、自転車の乗り方を覚えたり水泳を習ったりするのとは訳が違います。例えば水泳を習う場合はその成果が短期間に分かります

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Imperial Star Destroyer is one of the amazing ships in Star War

Imperial Star Destroyer is one of the amazing ships in Star Wars.

by Jonah Burns

It is THE capital ship of the Imperial Navy. The Star Destroyer first apears in Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope. It is armed with Tractor Beam Projectors,Turbolasers, and Ion Cannons.

It carries 72 Tie Fighters And 2 Lambda-class shuttles. It carries AT-STs, AT-ATs, AT-PTs and other ground forces. I think it is the best space ship in Star Wars.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

レゴの保管方法 隠すことを学ぼう

Lego Storage Japan - レゴの保管方法 隠すことを学ぼう

子供さんにレゴブロックを買って、何か問題がおきたことはありますか。よくある問題は、レゴのブロックをどう保管するかでしょう。これらの大きなセットを子供さんに買ってあげた後、ときどき両親は厳しい状況にいることに気がつきます。異なるレゴのピースが家中に散らかっているのを見つけ、時にはそれを踏んでしまい、壊れたピースで足を傷つけてしまった人もいます。自分がこのような状況に気がついたとき、子供に揃っていないレゴのキットを買ってしまったと思わなくてはいけません。レゴの保管は、レゴブロックで遊ぶための生命線であり、とても重要なことなのです。 Read More

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lego Shopping in Japan

Lego Shopping in Japan Part II

In my recent trip to Japan, I had the opportunity to experience shopping for Lego in these stores:

1. Amazon Japan
2. Click Brick (Rinku Premium Outlet)
3. Bic’s Camera (Kyoto Station and Osaka Shinsaibashi stores) and Yodobashi (Osaka Umeda)
4. Muji
5. Various department stores (Kyoto Isetan, Kyoto Takashimaya)

So here goes my experiences and some tips to share in case you are interested to shop for Legos in Japan…

By the way, the non-Lego related tips/experiences are applicable to Nanoblock shopping in Japan as well (except for Muji). You didn’t think I only bought Legos did you? Haha, yes I did buy loads of Nanoblock sets in Japan, including the Himeji Castle set I so admired in my earlier post… I got the set at JPY5,800 (vs retail price of JPY8,400) from Bic’s Kyoto.


1. Amazon Japan

I made the order online just before I flew to Japan, and received the parcels 2 days later. Without doubt, this is the easiest and most hassle-free of the lot. So the pros and cons are:


* Able to purchase Japanese Lego books, which are great by the way, even if you do not understand Japanese like me. I bought 2 this time and will do a simple book review when I’ve some time.
* Able to purchase English Lego books, that may not be available in your home country. This is more for Asian AFOLs I guess, since Amazon is widely available elsewhere.
* Not having to carry heavy and bulky parcels back to the hotel/the rest of the day.
* Free cardboard box to check-in new toys back home (just have to buy some scotch tape to tape up the boxes).
* Cheaper prices (for offer/discounted items) than most retail stores.
* Some selection of discontinued items from Amazon’s 3rd party retailers.
* As a first-time buyer from Amazon Japan, you probably qualify for the trial to have express delivery.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

ユニークネス オブ ザ バッドマン レゴビデオゲーム ユニーク

Lego Batman Video Game Japan - ユニークネス オブ ザ バッドマン レゴビデオゲーム ユニーク
ネス オブ ザ バッドマン レゴビデオゲームは新しいブランドとして、

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lego Spongebob Japan - レゴスポンジボブ 新しい世界を学ぼう

Lego Spongebob Japan

Lego Spongebob Japan - レゴスポンジボブ 新しい世界を学ぼう



Lego for Girls

Lego for Girls: there is some lego suitable for girls for example the Belleville sets.

Lego has slowly made more effort to offer more lego for girls. Which is very good because it is a great learning tool in many ways. It shouldn`t be just the boys who get to benefit from it.

Lego for Girls

Lego Block Japan - レゴブロック なぜ長く歴史に残っているのか

Lego Block Japan - レゴブロック なぜ長く歴史に残っているのか

Lego Block Japan - レゴブロック なぜ長く歴史に残っているのか

レゴブロック なぜずっと価値を失わずにいられるのか

By Kevin R Burns


Lego Racers

Lego Racers

Lego Racers : High-Speed Learning

by Cheema Beckham

It is said, “Speed thrills but kills”. This statement holds good for all speed racing sports and high-speed motor sports pose a serious threat to the life of the participants. This high-speed phenomenon is really loved by the children of our times but the hazards and risks involved in such a game keep them at an arm’s length from the race track. To fulfill these desires of owning a speed car and driving it at super speeds, Lego introduced its own range of racers.

Lego Japan: Our 日本語 Site

Lego Japan: Our 日本語 Site

Lego Japan: Our 日本語 Site

Lego Spongebob Japan - レゴスポンジボブ 新しい世界を学ぼう

スポンジボブスクエアパンツカートゥーンは、以下のような巨大な成功をおさめています。レゴはスポンジボブの付属品を作ることを決めました。スポンジボブは子供にとても人気があるので、会社もレゴスポンジボブの必要性を無視できなかったの です。
Lego Japan: Our 日本語 Site