Tuesday, September 6, 2011

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Free Lego Offer

Free Lego Offers, I don`t think you will find a better offer than this one! Simply write a lot of Lego set or Lego game reviews for Burns Brick Country, and become a regular contributor.

For Free Lego

Lost In Legoland: A Gazillion Bricks And A Mini Star Wars Geekfest

What happens when a geek winds up in Legoland? He has loads of unfiltered fun,
that's what.

"WTF? I should have kept this for my personal blog. This has got nothing to do
with technology, and this blog is called TechCrunch for crying out loud. A
report and pictures about a visit to a theme park have absolutely no place here
on this blog. I wasted a couple of minutes of your life, and your time is
valuable. You can, and perhaps should, unsubscribe from and never visit
TechCrunch, ever again."

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