Tuesday, September 18, 2007

KevCon in Kanagawa: Oct. 7th & 8th, 2007

KevCon in Kanagawa on Sunday & Monday Oct. 7th & 8th

Featuring some Games Workshop Game Tournaments

Play Starts at Noon on Sunday, October 7th and finishes on Monday

We will hold the following tournaments:

Warhammer 40K, & Lord of the Rings on Sunday and Monday.

Plus please bring your own games as open gaming of all kinds is

New people welcome!

The above tournaments will be ongoing over the two days, so you can
join in other games as well, then play your next opponent as the
tournament unfolds.

Warhammer 40K will be held at our Tsukahara School.

Lord of the Rings will be held at our Anne School (Kevin`s House).

Everyone welcome!


Sunday and Monday October 7th and 8th.
Monday is a national holiday.

Cost: Free

What to bring:
Your armies, favourite games, and a sleeping bag.

*Please help with cleaning up before you leave.

In Minami Ashigara City, near Odawara, Kanagawa


Warhammer 40K Tournament:

Contact Chris Zanella by Email to play or if you have any questions:

Email: themrcz@hotmail.com

Kevin`s English School (Tsukahara Station)
2659-5 Tsukahara
Minami Ashigara Shi, Kanagawa 250-0122

For Lord of the Rings (GW) and Open Gaming Contact:

Kevin Burns by Email: greatpowers@yahoo.com

LOTR & Open Gaming will be held at Kevin`s House:

Kevin`s English School (Anne) --also Kevin`s House
Address: Iizawa 242-23 Minami Ashigara City, Kanagawa
Email: greatpowers@yahoo.com

How to Get There from:
Tokyo, Fujisawa, Atsugi, Machida, Yokohama or Sakhalin:
Take the Odakyu Line to Odawara and be sure to get into one of the
first four train cars as the train splits. Take a Kyuko (express
train) it has red kanji on the side usually next to the door up top.
It takes about 90 minutes.

*The Tokaido line also runs to Odawara.

For Tsukahara School:
Get off at Odawara Station and transfer to the Daiyuzan Line. Get off
at Iiwahara Station, it takes 10 minutes from Odawara. Take the only exit.
Cross the train tracks. Take your first left. Walk straight past the
golf driving range on your right, then you will see the white
house-like building on your right, across from the Fuji Supermarket.
The Tournaments are up on the second floor.

For Anne -- Kevin`s House:
Get off at Odawara Station and transfer to the Daiyuzan Line. Get off
at Daiyuzan Station, it takes 24 minutes from Odawara. Take the only
exit, walk straight out to the main street out in front and head left
down that street through the traffic lights (under the covered
pedestrian overpass). Over the bridge and you will see our green
roofed house with "Kevin`s English School" signs plastered all over
the place.

How to Get There:
From Shizuoka, Nagoya and other points South: Take the
Tokaido line or the Shinkansen and get off at Odawara. Transfer to
the Daiyuzan line and follow the directions above (for Tokyo).

**The Shinkansen also stops at Odawara. You take a Kodama Super
Express. It takes about 40 minutes from Tokyo. Costs a little over
3,000 Yen one way.

Take a break from the city and see some mountain views and breathe
some fresh air.

Feel free to pass this on to interested people. Games of all kinds
welcome. Bring whatever you would like to play, chances are, others
will want to play it too. We have three guest beds and some futons.
Bring a sleeping bag if you`d like. It is a nice area as well.
A great break from wherever you live with a great bunch of people!

Kevin Burns

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