Monday, June 16, 2008

Games Day in Fujisawa, Kanagawa

Hi everyone !

Gaming day at my place in Fujisawa this Sunday !

The day will be starting at 10:00 am, directions and my list of games
follow (this is - as usual - a copy/paste from previous events)

It's been a long time since I had one of those. Please come and have fun !

Cheers !


I live in Fujisawa, but the station is actually Hon Kugenuma on the
Odakyu Enoshima Line. From Tokyo or Odawara, the JR Tokaido line or
Shonan-Shinjuku line are the fastest, then get off at Fujisawa
station, and take the Odakyu. People living in or near the Odakyu line
from Shinjuku might want to take it to Sagami Ono and change there for
the Enoshima line.

At Hon-Kugenuma, take the East exit (it's on the same side as the
train when you arrive from Fujisawa) and turn left at the exit. The
road is basically straight ahead, past a supermarket to your right,
then a gardening shop, and a meat shop to your left. There will be a
crossing with a blinking light, cross it, my house is 100 metres
further, on the right side. It's a white house with a parking, my door
is on the right.,139.479493&spn=0.003834,0.010042&z=\\\17&om=1
(My house is located at the exact centre of this map)

If you need to reach me : 080 6626 5822, the IRL name is Guillaume.

Games I have :

- Puerto Rico
- Settlers of Catan
- Valley of the Mammoths
- Guillotine
- Fire in the sky
- War of the ring
- Succession wars
- Pax Britannica
- It still have Kevin's Republic of Rome, amazing game - but long

And feel free to bring whatever game you would like to.

See you all this Sunday !

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