Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kansai Games Convention Sept 20-22nd, 2009

We have decided to run a convention at our house in Moriguchi-shi, Osaka. We
have quite a big house, and it's less than 10 minutes walk from the nearest
station. We've run lots of games days, so thought it would be a good idea to
extend the fun.

The current plan is as follows:

September 20th (Sunday) to 22nd (Tuesday). This is the "Autumn Golden Week".

We will open up all 3 floors of the house, giving us potentially:
4 gaming rooms and 6 gaming tables.
A "widows and orphans" space for families.
A 3 station home network for those who want computer time.
A "FON" wireless hotspot.

Accommodation will be available. We have a sofa bed and plenty of floor/couch
space. We can comfortably accommodate about 10 people, more if necessary.

There'll be plenty of food and drink available - breakfast, snacks, dinner etc.
We are thinking of finishing with a barbecue on the Tuesday afternoon.

We may be able to arrange car-parking very close to our place, but would need
definite numbers of spaces required.

In the past, we've asked for 500 yen to help cover food costs on the day.
Obviously something of this scale will cost a bit more, but we're still working
on the figures. A lot depends on how many people are keen.

What we need now is an indication of how many would be interested in attending
the con, and what days you think you'd come/stay.

We also want to know if anybody is interested in running one-off RPGs, Warhammer
or other mini games, CCGs etc etc.

If there's enough interest in this, we'll put up a registration form later this

Looking forward to getting your thoughts.

Ryan & Linda

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