Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lego Land Japan

Lego Land Japan Trip Report

I took the Keikyu line to Shinagawa, transferred to the Yamanote line for Tokyo Station, then boarded a Tohoku line Shinkansen for NasuShiobara, transferred again to the Tohoku JR line one station and changed to a bus for the park. Total transport, round-trip was about $130. Entry and free pass was 4900 yen ($45)

I had many issues this day from lost train tickets, forgotten change, left my CC at home, etc. I missed the bus I wanted, causing me to arrive back home almost two hours later than I had planned. I was pretty stressed and I almost gave up on this trip, but I’m now less than five coasters from hitting #400, so I forged on. Here is my thoughts on the park and coasters, minus my headaches. A huge “domo arigato gozaimasu” goes to the park manager who helped me shortly after I arrived at the park.

I arrived at Nasu Highland about 11:15, and proceeded to the Dragon, a small trailer-mounted powered-coaster, but I don’t think that it is an actual Go Gator, so I took a spin. Two round trips, basic helical course, but surprisingly quick.

Next up, I climbed up to Panic Drive’s elevated station. Neon pink and mint green, with blue and yellow antique car trains, this custom mouse is a Meisho creation. The four passenger cars roll out of the station, dropping slightly and curving around 180 degrees to the left on it’s way to the lift. From the top the train drops through another left turn and rises up into two standard switchbacks before dropping again. The car rises for one switchback, followed by two 225 degree turns. After dropping slightly and rising again, the train hit’s the breaks before a final 180 degree left turn into the station. There was one trim brake that engaged when I rode with two other adults, but allowed an unchecked ride when I rode alone. Not particularly thrilling, and without even the slightest pop of air, the saving grace of this mouse was that it wasn’t a cookie cutter coaster.

After Panic Drive, I checked out the LEGO display nearby. The best part was a showing of the CG animated short; LEGO Star Wars: Revenge of the Brick. This 5 minute, zero dialogue film has appearances by most of the cool characters in ep. III, but no boring bits. It is hysterical at times, and was a highlight of my day. The website shown was, maybe it’s available for viewing online.

Also in this area were a miniature railroad and flying Dumbo-like ride.

Lego Land Japan Report Continued

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