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Building Inspiration With Lego

Christmas Gift Ideas - Building Inspiration With Lego
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Christmas is genuinely a time of giving and sharing for most people and for families in particular.

It is very easy to get caught up in a spending frenzy, children in particular are full or "pester power" at this time of year as they see lots of advertising in almost every conceivable medium!

So what should we do? Pockets or purses are not unlimited and yet who wants to be the person to give a gift where the paper and packaging are more exciting than the contents?

Top ten lists abound in both the USA and in the UK. The Toy Retailers Association (TRA) list of Dream Toys for the 2010 holiday season includes a mixture of traditional and technology games as likely best-sellers.

So how about Lego for going back to basics?

The Lego City Airport set included on the Dream List, is quite expensive as a set but does include a great number of inspiring pieces.

What child wouldn't love creating a jet plane or organising passengers moving through revolving doors, X-ray machines and through the Airport Terminal before the Airport Control Tower gives permission for take-off?

Alternatively, the Lego City Fire Station set includes all you need to create a fire truck, the Fire Chief's car, a two garage station with figures and working ladders. You can even rescue the cat from the top of the tree.

Given that the latest Harry Potter movie launched in November, you can be sure that any of the associated, themed Lego sets will also be popular this Christmas including the Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle, Hagrid's Hut, Quidditch Match, Freeing Dobby or the Hogwart's Express Train Set.

Surely anybody who knows a child with a passion for Harry Potter will find inspiration here!

If you're looking for something for slightly younger children, surely Toy Story is another winner for Christmas and again, there are many sets to choose from. A best-seller this year is expected to be the Western Train Chase set which has a great collection of figures, the pieces to make an engine and several train cars with opening doors and roof traps, a quality track for the trains to ride on - you could even add a motor if you wanted!

These sets, and any of the Lego compilations are great ways to keep your child happy for Christmas and for months to come.

Maybe you've never thought much beyond "Great, they're enjoying this." but it's also good to know that by encouraging their building skills you are also developing quite sophisticated learning, planning and co-ordination skills, almost by stealth! This is a great example of something that is lots of fun, will keep a child happily occupied on their own or with friends and is definitely doing them good at the same time. The opportunities for developing role play skills and co-operation are endless - though may require a little supervision for younger children at play.

Have a look at for different review sites and price comparison sites though as the internet means you can really catch some great bargains by shopping online.

When you give a gift of Lego, you can be certain the fun will last long beyond Christmas!

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