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Lego Party Ideas

Lego Party Ideas... what child doesn't love to play with Lego toys? When you are planning your next child's birthday party why not take a look at Legos for your theme. You can find plenty of fun party supplies when Legos is the party theme. Lots of kids party games and even some easy ways to decorate that special Lego birthday cake.

When you are planning a child's birthday idea, why not go for a themed one. Initially it may seem like there is more organizing but once you have an agenda, it is really simple. For example, most boys are into Lego in some way or another. It is a great toy for constructing all types of things, from houses to working models of cars or trains.

There are plenty of Lego party ideas to choose from. Lego covers so many different themes themselves you could find yourself having a Star Wars party with Lego Star Wars characters, that is a very popular Lego theme. Or go with a SpongeBob Lego theme, a Lego firetruck theme or a police party or even a beach party if you chose the Lego City Coastguard Theme. Whichever Lego Party Idea you chose, send out Legoville party invitations letting your party guests what your theme is. Themed invitations are one of the many items you can choose from Legoville party supplies.

As Lego is such a colorful theme, you can ask the guests to dress up in different colors like a costume. When they arrive offer to paint their face. You will obviously need to check that the child has no allergies and don't paint over open cuts. Keep it simple i.e. have a different sponge for each color. Kids just love having their faces painted and they will not care that you are not Picasso. It will kick off the party on a great note.

You can carry on the color theme with the cake and the sandwiches. Using strips of colored icing will help make the cake look like Lego bricks. You can use layers of different colors jelly for deserts and food colorings will transform the plainest sandwich.

Lego party game ideas can be adapted to any of the themes you have chosen. For example, if you go for Star Wars you can play a variation of cops and robbers with one side being the dark side and the other Yoda's team. If you have gone for a color theme i.e. face painting etc, you could use some balloon games. Favorites include Catch me where all the guests receive a balloon with their name on it. The idea is that they have to keep this balloon or any nearest one in the air until the music stops. Whoever doesn't manage to keep the balloon floating is out.

If you want to have some relatively quiet time to calm the kids down, you could play draw the funny face on the balloon. The children pass around balloons and each person has to draw something for the face. So one draws the eyes, another draws the mouth and so on. Whoever pops the balloon is out and the last remaining child wins. You will obviously need a ready supply of balloons.

Use Lego party favor supplies to make up the contents of the party bags. You can buy individual packs of Lego that will have enough bricks to build one small item. Bubbles, crayons, coloring pages, temporary tattoos and stickers are always great for adding to the Lego party bags. Have lots of Lego fun with these Lego party ideas.

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